Your personal brand is what others say about you. My definition of a personal brand is: “What they say about you when you leave the room”.

Your personal brand is either accidental or purposeful

Everyone has a personal brand; it’s not something you can opt out of. It is inevitable, but the good news is that you can control whether yours is ‘purposeful’ or ‘accidental’. In this programme you take control of all aspects of your personal brand and you craft a purposeful one that is authentic and is an integral part of your career plan. You are at the centre of your personal brand. The number one truth is that you are at the centre of your personal brand. It is built on you and your values, it emanates from you, it is played out by your behaviours. For it to succeed and contribute to your development it must be authentic.

You are in charge of your current and future personal brand

You create your brand daily, and you are responsible for it. Every action you take further defines it. It is vital that you realise that it is not an optional extra that you may get to later, when you are happy, wealthy and wise. It is a big part of you now, at this moment. It is your single biggest transportable asset.  In an increasingly fluid workplace, you have to move to a ‘portfolio’ approach to your career. You are the only constant as you move through a career spanning decades. You therefore need to concentrate on imagining yourself as a little enterprise, ‘You Incorporated’, with unique skills, competencies and a personal brand.

It is a vibrant, evolving part of you

It is a vibrant, evolving part of you. The core ‘you’ remains more or less the same, but your confidence, experience, self-knowledge, projection and the extent of your fame changes. You will not have the same personal brand as a mid-level executive as, later, a successful senior executive – at least I hope you won’t.

The key message is that you have a brand at every stage, and as you learn from your mistakes you will continuously adjust it.



Developing a Personal Brand, including executive presence.

  • Understand that your Personal Brand is what others say about you when you leave the room and the implications of that for your career.
  • Understand the change in behaviours needed to build a powerful Personal Brand that will get you to the next level and begin to develop them.
  • Become clear on your blind spots that might derail your career and begin to overcome them. Become expert at managing difficult personalities and hostile situations in the corporate world.
  • Develop cutting edge strategic thinking and planning that can be used across the entire organisation.
  • Understand the unwritten rules for success for executives in the corporate world and why doing a good job might not be enough.

Increased self-knowledge

  • Learn to understand triggers to stress and build coping skills.
  • Learn how to develop boundaries between personal and professional reactions and behaviours.
  • Reduce reactivity to stressful situations and fast changing circumstances.
  • Understand and develop appropriate level of flexibility and adaptability.
  • Learn how to recognise and own your own personal power and stop behaviours that could leak it.

Improved communication skills

  • Increase effectiveness of communications, both content and manner of communication.
  • Enhance listening and understanding skills to develop a better ability to understand what others expect.

Career planning

  • Develop a Career Big Audacious Aim to reach the next stage in your ultimate career
  • Set tangible but stretching goals for your own career and develop a clear plan to get there.


  • New understanding of role personal  branding has in career success
  • A lasting change in attitude, moving to a proactive career orientated outlook
  • Move to bigger thinking about their personal role in the company
  • A lasting sense that you can be a futurist and design your own future
  • A more strategic thinking approach
  • On-going access to a set of tools and techniques to keep high standards of self-management and professionalism



This programme for senior and middle level executives transforms their careers by increasing their knowledge of the impact of their personal brand and gives them the insights and tools to build a successful one.


It is a vibrant, evolving part of you

It is a vibrant, evolving part of you. The core ‘you’ remains more or less the same, but your confidence, experience, self-knowledge, projection and the extent of your fame changes. You will not have the same personal brand as a mid-level executive as, later, a successful senior executive – at least I hope you won’t.

Build self-knowledge

Step 1: Know yourself The starting point of development of a Personal Brand is how well a person knows themselves. This workshop will equip each person with techniques to evaluate themselves and their driving behaviours. Working to discover insights into personality is key to an authentic Personal Brand.
Step 2: Know what others think Participants gain the perspective of others. This deepens their self-knowledge and is a transforming exercise. Based on the insights they are then able to see clearly their personal strengths and successes. At the end of these two steps they will develop their own Personal Brand statement.

Build your future career

It is not possible to build a Personal Brand in isolation from one’s work and career plans, so this workshop addresses how to craft a Career Big Audacious Aim, how to set career milestones and sets the backdrop for what kind of a Personal Brand they need in their particular career.

Develop outstanding skills and behaviours

At the root of a Personal Brand lies a person’s behaviour. It is by your actions that you are known. So this workshop gets participants to know how your everyday behaviour constantly feeds into the changing perception of you? In this workshop participants will look at the behaviours people see on a daily basis.

Don’t let your drivers derail you

This workshop allows participants to decide if any of their personality drivers, that have delivered success to date, have (if overused), begun to derail them. This moves understanding of behaviour to a whole new level, allowing them to recognise any behaviour that has served them well to date, but might, if overplayed, actually derail their Personal Brand. This workshop also explains the concept of ‘leaking power’ and how it can damage a career, and advise on how to hold onto their power.

Finally, they pull all of the above steps together and learn how to build a brand that is reactive to changes in your career.



Part Steps to Build a Personnal Brand Output
1 Build Self Knowledge The self-discovery process - Your personal strengths and successes - Your Personal Brand statement
2 Build Your Future Career Your present career and development of a Big Audacious Aim - Goal setting
3 Develop Outstanding Skills and Behaviours Impression points - First impressions - Communication skills - Leadership skills - Adding value to the company
4 Hold Your Power Ways of Leaking power - Strategies for holding power
5 Don’t Let Your personality Drivers Derail You Personal Brand drivers - Stages of derailment

Participants will be given a copy of the book “Your Brand; Build Your Personal Brand to advance your career” by Veronica Canning to be published by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in December 2013.


Programme of 8 sessions
In this programme you work through the eight stages of Veronica’s personal brand model on a one to one basis. Each session addresses a stage in a confidential one on one setting.

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