Onboarding: Make The First 100 Days In Your New Job Count

Learn how to make a positive impact and avoid the “newbie” landmines.

First impressions do matter, many newly appointed senior executives often lose their way in the first 100 days.

The most challenging time for anyone in a new job is the first 100 days. You craft your lasting impression in how you speak and behave in that short time. Why waste time looking like a novice focussed on learning the ropes, asking the wrong questions, and wearing a set of learner plates?

This intensive one on one customised programme will enable you to make a powerful impact and plan the first 100 days and on into the first 6 months.

Learn how to:

  • Clearly confirm that you are the best choice for the job, through a planned results driven approach
  • Use strategic thinking to do a fast analysis and make an impactful 100 day plan with some quick wins.
  • Develop an outstanding brand for your new position.
  • Read the corporate power matrix and distinguish your supporters and detractors.
  • Project an impressive executive presence.

What are the first steps?

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