Get That Job – Breakthrough to Successful Job Interviews

Many people get to the last two candidates in interviews but fail to land the job. There is a reason for this and we have a process which will move over that barrier and get you the right job.
It’s a totally innovative approach and suitable for top level executives who need to make a significant impression in a short time. This process results in a defining difference in interviewees for senior positions.

It is not the normal interview skills preparation course, but a career changing experience.


Pre Job Applications

Generate a career plan which allows you focus on positions in companies which are a best match for your skills, experience and expectations. This ensures you are applying for jobs that allow you showcase yourself in the best way and will; fulfil your own career goals.

High level interview preparation

  • Learn how to do a corporate and external environment analysis for the role.
  • Engage in a planning process that focusses you on the strategic and operational aspects of the role, equipping you to develop your first 100 day plan for the position.
  • Shift to thinking in an operational way about the reality of the role and shift psychologically away from being an interviewee to where you imagine you have the job.
  • Learn how to develop an overview strategy for the role.
  • Do a skills and competency map for the current role and show how you would develop it over the next two years.


Stand out Interview technique

  • Move from talking about yourself to engaging in a meaningful discussion about the role.
  • Change from being an interviewee into an equal partner discussing the role by questioning them and engaging in a two way discussion.
  • Show your understanding of the role in the company’s future and get the interviewers excited by your vision so they want to hear more.
  • Develop on the spot critical thinking skills.

Presentation on role

  • Demonstrate your ability to think in a visionary and strategic way.
  • Do a presentation on the first 100 days, six months and one year.
  • Learn how to present with no notes

Support through all stages of interview process

Support through all stages of the interview process, allowing you to incorporate feedback to enhance your proposition as you gain knowledge and insights about how they view you.


  • Ability to do insightful preparation for the interview
  • Become an engaging confident interviewee who is aware of the company’s challenges and opportunities
  • Awareness and ability of how to keep control of the interview process to ensure to tell them all the important things
  • Ability to compensate for the interviewer’s possible lack of competence in interviewing skills
  • Getting the right job


What are the first steps?

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