Build A Personal Brand To Advance Your Career

Your personal brand is what people say about you when you leave the room. It is a defining element of your success in your career; it could be the one thing holding you back.

Do you know what your personal brand is, do you think it may be damaged, or in decline? Are you aware of how you are perceived and is this the perception you want?
Everyone has a personal brand, it is vital that you are aware of yours and that you are intentionally controlling the impressions you are making on others.  Too often career damage comes from concentrating on the work and ignoring your personal brand.

YOUR BRAND is a career changing PROGRAMME

Many development programmes set out steps to build your brand assuming that your brand is a blank canvas. This programme is more realistic and helps you establish what your current brand is, highlights potential brand damagers and allows you to get an accurate take on your current brand.
It then takes you through the actions needed to build your brand and finally how and where you can best position it.

Topics Covered In Build Your Brand Programme

  • Principles of personal branding and its crucial role in career planning.
  • How to audit your existing personal brand
  • Introduction to the concepts of personal drivers and personality types.
  • Effective career planning tools and brand attributes to deliver your career aims
  • How to prevent your brand being derailed
  • How to hold power and impress those who matter

You will have a personal brand strategy when you finish.



What are the first steps?

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