Onboarding: Make the first 100 days in your new job count

  • March 2013

First impressions do matter, many newly appointed senior executives often lose their way in the first 100 days. They go into information overload as everyone tries to tell them their story. They concentrate on learning and understanding and often wear their learner plates very openly.

It is vital in this period to focus as much on the impression you are making as on the actual work you do. Really you need to clearly confirm that you are the best choice for the job, through a planned results driven approach.

When you get the job and before you leave your present job, you need to set aside time to really develop your plan for the first 100 days. You will have read about American Presidents’ 100 day plans and how much emphasis is put on preplanning them. I think any new executive should adopt that approach.

I believe you make an indelible mark in that period and shape their opinion of your personal brand, an opinion which is hard to shake. If your employers or staff see you as overwhelmed, anxious, cautious, fearful, they will fear for your success. If they see the opposite, someone who makes rash decisions, alienates people unnecessarily, does not listen they will also fear for your success.

So, before you start draft your 200 day plan and decide on your personal brand for this role.

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