Learn how to make a presentation and progress your career

  • March 2013

Many senior executives are expected to make presentations in public and influential communication is increasingly more important the more senior you become.

Excellent communication skills are a defining marker for excellent leadership and make you memorable for all the right reasons.  However, many leaders are genuinely terrified to stand up in public. They delegate the job if possible and if no, rely on the comfort of power point to get them through.

How many excruciating power point presentations have you sat through? I know I dread the phrase I only have a few more slides (meaning 50 more) before I let you go.

If you really want to stand out learn how to speak in public now!

Developing a compelling, clear and coherent message is vital.  It requires a clearly identified message, a strategic presentation with concise components for achieving that purpose,

The secret lies in identifying your exact message and your most important supporting points. Use your own stories to illustrate your points and engage the audience. Craft a speech that delivers your message in a simple and engaging way.

Be brave and stand out from behind the podium. At your next conference count the rare speakers who stand in the middle of the stage and see how they really stand out from the crowd.

Lastly, watch TED talks.

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