Most people don’t approach interviews in the right way

  • March 2013

Many people get to the last two candidates in interviews but fail to land the job. They do this repeatedly and do not know what the reason is.

I see four main reasons:

1. Many people go from job to job without a career plan which allows them to focus on positions in companies which are a best match for their skills, experience and expectations. They can be setting themselves up for a fall in applying for the wrong jobs.

2. They fail to prepare properly and walk into the room like God’s gift. Before any important interview, especially for a management role, you need to do a corporate and external environment analysis. Nothing turns interviewers off faster than someone who has not thoroughly researched the company.

3. People think they are in an audition and make it all about showing how fabulous they are. That is the wrong approach. You need to spend time and engage in a planning process that focusses you on the strategic and operational aspects of the role.

I have seen people be successful when they begin to think in an operational way about the reality of the role and shift psychologically away from being an interviewee to where they imagine themselves carrying out the job. Learn how to develop an overview strategy for the role. Do a skills and competency map for the current role and show how you would develop it over the next two years.

4. You are memorable when you change from being an interviewee into an equal partner discussing the role by questioning them and engaging in a two way discussion.  When you Show your understanding of the role in the company’s future and get the interviewers excited by your vision they want to hear more.

The secret is in becoming a well prepared , engaging and  confident interviewee who is aware of the company’s challenges and opportunities and positions yourself as the one who will bring the role forward.

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